Parents Meet – Review on students’ Achievement

A.G.Patil Institute of Technology arrenged Parents meet on Satuarday 21st Sep 2013. At the meeting there was discussion on students’ educational achievements and new implements for betterment of students.
Minutes of Meeting:
  1. Mrs. Prashali R. Kulkarni gave a warm welcome to all the parents at reception. Further cleared the doubts of parents and s Mr. Rajkumar P. Landage, Mr. Rahul Kanki ,Mr. Warekar looked after the refreshment for the parents.
  2. Prof. Mr. Raviraj V.Darekar (coordinator of meeting) had given inaugural speech and perceived the agenda and vision of meet.
  3. Prof. Mrs. Surekha R.Sakhare (H.O.D. of E&Tc) had given introduction of department and all the team members. She also explained achievements of faculties as well as students. In the Q/A session all questions, doubts were answered satisfiable by H.O.D.
  4. Training and Placements in charge Prof. Swapnil Pujari and Prof. Amol Jirage had given the details about placement activities, workshops organized by E&Tc. Department and visits conducted by E&Tc. Department.
  5. Prof. Sandeep J.Ligade and all team members further cleared the doubts of parents and students.
  6. The meeting had been rearranged mentor wise. Prof. Mr. Shaukat M. Shaikh, Prof. Mrs. Asha Kannur, Prof.Ms. Lalita Palange,Prof.Mrs. Megha Choudhari contributed for interactive session of parents.
  7. Mrs. Madhuri A. Deshpande , Mr. Laxmiputra C.Maindargi , Mrs. Prashali R. Kulkarni , Mr. Sandesh Warekar had taken efforts for all documentation for meeting.
  8. The vote of thanks had given by Prof. Mr. Raviraj V.Darekar (Co-coordinator of meeting).
  9. Parents were given free session to have open talk with H.O.D. where they came up with their words, Personal problems and discussion. H.O.D. gave the confession on behalf of the E&Tc. Department and A.G.Patil institute of Technology for the fulfillment of the same.