Shri A. G. Patil


          "Education is the chief defence of a nation" and Shanti Education Society is dedicated to the task of nation building on a firm foundation of Education. However, education has become the opportunity of a privileged few. Greatly pained by the lack of equal opportunities for all regions of the country, especially Maharashtra, has embarked upon a mission to provide state-of-the-art education to the neglected areas of Solapur. Neither nature nor nurture has been kind to Solapur and it's people.I am witness to the rise and fall of this city as a thriving industrial hub. Indebted to the soil of Solapur for what I am today. It is my dream to give Solapur its lost glory and see it prominently featured on the technological map of India.

The establishment of the A.G.Patil Institute of Technology is one step towards fulfilling this dream. Providing the right environment, knowledge, skills and values and grooming our student's to be top-class technologists and engineers for our ever-growing industrial needs is our prime concern.