Electronics and Telecommunication
Department Profile
Department Location : Lab. Building 
Year of Establishment 2008
Head of Department : Prof. S. J. Ligade (HOD)
Contact No. : 9028507540


To achieve excellent standards of quality education by keeping pace with   rapidly changing technologies and to create technical manpower of global standards in Electronics  and Telecommunication Engineering, with capabilities of accepting new challenges in the society.


         To create competent professionals in Electronics system design and implementation for self-development and overall social enrichment.

         Imbibing ethical behavior to contribute towards engineering, science and technology with quality based education for the satisfaction of stakeholders & participative teaching- learning process.

         To endeavor and promote research based projects & development activities in the field of Electronics and allied areas.  

        To bridge the gap between the Industry and Institute through the development of innovative techniques for the recycling of electronic gadgets.

About Department:

        Electronics & Telecommunication is a branch that makes impossible things possible. A branch of mystery and miracle, started with Vacuum Tubes to Integrated Chips today, a big room computer to palm top today, has proved itself as most important solution to lead life more comfortably. Electronics has proven itself for ages to be the best and provides opportunity to do a lot more for mankind. This branch has much hidden treasures for Engineers & Physicians and makes them crazy as it reveals the secrets with time.

         Progress is not made by Early Risers or Hard Workers, but by the people in the field of Electronics, trying to find easier ways to do the same !!! Communication is the core requirement of today's society structure. With the ever increasing necessities of man, the demand for more efficient and faster means of communication are on rise, consequently the demand for Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering is here to stay.

         Scientists and Researchers have found only the tip of the ice berg in this branch and still a lot to go, which is the reason why electronics is the first choice for the people to live with aim and reason to make this world more better and beautiful.
Bullets and dynamites of this branch, with which one can equip himself or herself to fight the battle of Life:

         Electronic Devices and Circuits, Circles and Networks, Analog and Digital communication, Digital Signal Processing, VLSI and Embedded Systems, Digital Electronics, Optical fiber communalization, Wireless Communication, Computer Networks, Microprocessors, Micro Controllers, Robotics, Nanotechnology, UHF and Microwave, Video Engineering, Consumer Electronics and still more.

         In Department of Electronics & Telecommunication, we have faculties with rich knowledge and mastery in subjects mentioned above, well equipped Laboratories, furnished classrooms and Computer facilities with high speed Internet connection for students. The department have the recent MATLAB, Software of Simulation Kit and PCB designing to the students. So welcome to the branch of electronics, join hands with us to unveil its secrets.