General Science & Engineering
Department Profile
Department Location : Main Building 
Year of Establishment 2008
Contact - Ph. no.: 09405548125

About Department:

        The Department of Engineering Science comprise of Applied Science (Applied Physics and Applied Chemistry) and Mathematics. The Department is ably supported by faculty with Doctoral and Post-Graduate Qualifications who guide the students into new vistas of knowledge. The department has published several National Papers. The department is supported by extensive teaching aids like Model, OHP and Computers Graphics etc.

        Applied Physics and Applied Chemistry Laboratories of the department are well equipped with standard instruments.

       Our workshop building is one of the best building in whole Maharashtra. The workshop section have been well equipped for students to gather a hand on experience. These include:
Fitting shop Machine Shop
Welding Pattern making shop
Carpentry Pattern making shop
Plumbing, Sheet Metal shop
Blacksmith Shop
Molding Shop (Plastic)
Foundry Shop
This section runs like industry. Practical and job oriented works is carried out in accordance with scheduled time table and as per the job drawing, by applying theoretical concepts and different aspects of manufacturing techniques like CNC Lathe and CNC Milling. Adequate tools and equipments are supplied during the practical hours to help each and every student acquire hands on experience. This includes the latest machine tools, measuring equipment, cutting tools etc. These are maintained with great care and in good operating conditions. Every student is trained to handle the equipment by the instructors having industrial background.