mECHANICAL engineering workshop

Any engineer in general supposed to perform intellectual work but at the same time he/ she must be aware of the physical work performed by an operator/ technician/ laborer.

This practical exercise helps the students to judge the quantity of labor involved in any job and accordingly the labor cost to be levied on the given job. In workshop, most importantly student learns to perform the works of Carpenter, Blacksmith, Tinsmith, Welder, Machinist etc. It’s enjoying experience for students when they manufacture chalk box, stool top, stool, crane hook, electric fitting board etc.

This section runs like an industry. Practical and job oriented work is carried out in accordance with scheduled time table and as per the job drawing , by applying theoretical concepts and different aspects of manufacturing techniques like CNC Lathe and CNC Milling. Adequate tools and equipments are supplied during the practical hours to help each and every student acquire hands experience.

This includes the latest machine tools, measuring equipment, cutting tools etc. These are maintained with great care and in good operating conditions. Every student is trained to handle the equipment by the instructors having industrial background.

-:  Workshop Staff  :-

Sr. No. Name of faculty Qualification Designation
1 Prof. Anyapanawar R.R M.Tech Workshop Superintendent
2 Mr.Joshi G.V I.T.I Machinist
3 Mr.Vedpathak B.V I.T.I Machinist
4 Mr.Madde S.K I.T.I Welder
5 Mr.Savali V.S I.T.I Fitter
6 Mr.Sutar L.S I.T.I Carpenter

-:  Various types of machines & equipments available in the workshop are :-

Sr. No. Appratus Name
1 Lathe Machine with all accessories.
2 Radial Drilling Machine
3 Bench Lathe
4 All geared Lathe
5 Surface Grinder
6 Cylindrical Grinder
7 Sensitive drilling machine
8 Tools & Cutter Grinder
9 Power Press
10 Milling Machine
11 Shaping Machine
12 Arc Welding Machine
13 Hand Operated Pipe Bending m/c
14 Heave duty Fitting Vice.
15 Fitting Tools
16 Carpentry Vice.
17 Carpentry Shop Hand Tools
18 Different Types Of Patterns.
19 Machine Shop Cutting Tools

-:  Workshop is divided into following sections as  :-


1. Carpentry Shop 

Location of Shop: C- Ground Floor Name of Instructor : Mr.Sutar L.S.
Utilization of Shop : FE, SE
In carpentry wood work is done for making jobs as per job drawing. Carpentry trade has marking cutting, planning, chiseling, and turning, drilling and assembly activity. A job like notice boards, table and stool tops, and isometric models of engineering drawing is completed.
Shop Resources:
  • Wood turning tool set
  • Wood lathe machine, Tenon saw 12’’
  • Carpentry vice 7’’
  • Metal jack plane 9’’
  • Bosch marble cutter.
Area of Shop:

110 Sq. M. 

2. Fitting Shop

Location of Shop: C - Ground Floor Name of Instructor : Mr. Savali.V.S
Utilization of Shop : FE, SE
In fitting trade with use of above tools and equipments workshop practice of fitting jobs (on M.S. flat plate) like marking, cutting, filing, tapping, and assembly activity is performed.
Shop Resources:
  • Hack saw frame 12’’
  • Flat smooth file 10’’
  • Bench vice 5’’
  • Vernier caliper 6’’
  • Fitting try square
  • Vernier height gauge
  • Surface plate (24x24).
Area of Shop:

110 Sq. M. . 

3. Welding Shop

Location of Shop: C - Ground Floor Name of Instructor : Mr.Madde S.K.
Utilization of Shop : FE, SE
Welding is done for making of butt joint and lap joint in order prepare fabrication jobs like stools, laboratory tables, benches, windows, grills and racks.
Shop Resources:
  • Hand grinder (1/2hp)
  • Welding machine (holder, screen, cable)
  • Mini welding machine
  • safety guard kit.
Area of Shop:

110 Sq. M. . 

4. Smithy Shop

Location of Shop: C - Ground Floor Name of Instructor : Mr.Savali.V.S
Utilization of Shop : FE, SE
In this trade with the use of above machines and equipments operation like black smithy and tin smithy is done. In black smithy to give required shape and size for jobs forging, bending, quenching, and hardening processes is performed. In tin smithy to give required shape and size for sheet metal works bending, hemming, rolling, and soldering activity is carried out.
Shop Resources:
  • Sledge hammer
  • Pick up tongs 18’’
  • Set hammer for smithy, Anvil (100kg)
  • Leg vice 4’’
  • Furnace, Tin cutter 12’’
  • Hand shearing machine.
Area of Shop:

110 Sq. M. . 

5. Machine shop

Location of Shop: C - Ground Floor Name of Instructor : Mr.Joshi.G.V & Mr.Vedpathak.B.V
Utilization of Shop : FE, SE, TE, BE.
With the use of above machines and equipments operation like facing, turning, grinding, drilling, threading, taper turning, gear cutting, slotting, and knurling is performed.
Shop Resources:
  • Lathe machines
  • Bench grinder
  • Drill machine (radial m/c)
  • Shaping machine
  • Milling machine,etc.
Area of Shop:

200 Sq. M. .