Central Library

          "Shaping the Vision of the students" The library is located in spacious building independently having 3 Reading Halls, 2Stack Rooms, Reprographics Rooms and Periodical Section. The Total collections of the library lead to 19608 which include text books and reference books. The total cost of books is going up to Rs.75, 00,000.00.At present 50 technical journals (including 3 foreign), besides almost all the important magazines and newspapers and subscribed to cater the requirements of both student and staff. The book bank scheme is of great value for those students belonging to the weaker sections of the society.

           It is having a collection of various Data Books, Encyclopedias, ISI codes, Reference Books, IEEE Technical Journals. The library facilities are available to students up to 7:00 pm daily and up to 12:00 in midnight during examination period. The students are permitted to have open access facility for reference books. The management is planning to take institutional membership of I.I.T. Mumbai Library, British Council Library Pune, ARAI Pune to enable students to have access to that immense knowledge base. The institute is setting higher benchmarks ensuring that students meet the international standards of excellence.


Digital Library Section: There are 10 Computers are connected with WIFI and are connected with Internet to each of them. The students and teachers are making best use of the Internet in the library free of cost.

Reading Room: There is separate reading room for Boys, Girls and Faculty respectively makes use of the reading room. The library is open from 9:30am to 6:00pm for student and staff.

Library Automation: The Library transactions and library entries are carried out by E – Lib Software with Bar Code Technology.

Book Bank Scheme: The book bank scheme is given to the student. As per the scheme each individual will get 5 books for home issue for the whole semester.

Camera Controlled: Library is Camera Controlled.

Home issue section: The students are getting the benefit of the books and other reading materials for one week as a home issue benefit will be given the facility.

Y.D. Student Library Scheme: As per the scheme, Students are getting the benefit of the three books for one week as a home issue benefit will be given the facility.


Library Facility:

  • Issue Section
  •  Reading Section
  •  Reference Section
  •  Stack Room
  •  Reprographics Facility With Computer Connectivity
  •  Digitized library
  •  Book Bank facility
  •  News Paper & Journal Section
  •  OPAC Facility
  •  Back Volume Section
  •  Wi-Fi Facility
  •  E – Journal facility (J-Gate)


 Special Features:

  • Book Bank Scheme funded by Govt. of Maharashtra for SC/CT Students.
  • Special Collection of GRE/TOFEL/G-MAT/IES/SAT Exam.
  • Subscription of 41 National Journals,3 International Journals, 06 Periodicals & 11 News Papers in Printed Form.
  • Power back up facility


-: Library Staff :-

Name: Shri. S.B. Londhe
Designation: Librarian
Department Library
Qualification: M.A., M. Lib. & I. Sc. ( Master of Library & Information Science)
Subject: User Study
Total Exprience: 9 Years
Area of Intrest: Cataloging, Classification
Seminar Attendance : National Level: 3, State Level : 01 College Level : 01
Area of Specializations Library Science
Email Id: shrinath.londhe1979@gmail.com
Contact No: 9527486214


Library Staff

Sr. No.






Mr. Hiremath B. D.

Library Attendant

F.Y.J.C., L.T.C.

08 Years


Mr. Madyal S. S.


B. A.

07 Years



-: Library Rules and Instructions :-

-: Library Rules and Instructions :-
1. Library Time: - 9.30am to 5.45pm.
2. Transaction- Issue OR Return of books will be done during long and shortrecess, as well as half an hour before and after the college timings.
3. Returnable books should not be left on the library counter. Student should ensure that the return transaction is recorded in library software. There after no complaints shall be entertained by library department.
4. Students must carry college I – Card without I-Card there will not be any Transaction of books in the library.
5. Books should be returned within Ten days, A fine of Rs. 2/- per book, per day shall be charged for late returns.
6. During college lecture hours, there will be no transaction of books. Students are Not allowed to sit in the library premise during lecture hours.
7. Library will be closed for lunch break from 1.30pm to 2.00pm.
8. Students shall get books for fifteen days during preparatory leave (PL). After Fifteen days, a fine of Rs. 2/- per day, per book will be charged.
9. Use of cell phones and eating in the library premises is strictly prohibited.
10. Casual discussion and personal chatting is strictly prohibited. If found indulged in such activities students shall be immediately asked to leave the library premises.
11. It is mandatory for all students, staff members (Teaching & Non – Teaching) to enter their names in the library register when they visit the library.
12. Students should return all the books within 2 days immediately after university semester exam is over, otherwise fine of Rs. 2/- per day, per book will be charged.
13. All students to ensure that there are no books remaining on their names in library software after every semester exam.